Start with your conception of a magazine. That’s what 360Woodworking.com did. Then imagine what a magazine could be if you were to start over, re-invent it and make the most of digital publishing technology. What if stories were as long as they needed to be? What if the pictures were large enough to see even the small details clearly? What if there were plenty of drawings, big enough to show what you want and need to see? What if the parts of the story that are better shown with video were shown in video, in the article without the need to jump to another page? What if the release of a new issue was a good reason to take the afternoon off?

Think of what makes any learning experience or publication good, then amplify that until you arrive at great – authors you can trust because they’ve been woodworking all their lives, people you know well and people you’d be happy to meet. Throw in a website with new content constantly being uploaded, and books with many of the same features. Plus, the whole kit and caboodle is run by woodworkers.

What starts as a crazy idea becomes the best way for all woodworkers to enjoy, expand and enhance the craft in a community of like minded souls. And when the woodworkers are also in charge of the business, you won’t suffer through the annoyances that other publications do; 360Woodworking.com only sends you an e-mail when there is something important to say, and you won’t be trick into buying the the same product over and over again. 360Woodworking.com believes that “content is king” and that the best way for it to succeed is to provide the best information to the woodworking community, in a way that makes sense.

Enjoy your visit to this website, let me know what you think. And get out to the shop and make something great.

Glen Huey


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