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Bits & Bit Stock with Ron Herman

If you have braces or drills, you have to have bits to make those tools work. Ron Herman guides you through different styles, adding detailed analysis. To continue reading this presentation or to watch the video, you must purchase a 360 Fanatic...

Pembroke Table with Glen Huey

The newest course added to the line-up is “Pembroke Table with Glen Huey.” This course is divided into tow major sections. During the first half of the course, the table is constructed without mention of inlay – I think it’s important to understand...

Braces & Drills with Ron Herman

Ron Herman discusses woodworking braces, including terminology, sizes and chuck designs. Plus, he shares his take on hand-powered drills as he identifies a small assortment of tools still available at garage sales, flea markets and tool swaps. To continue reading this...

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Nicholas VanariaNicholas Vanaria

Your website is awesome and I am glad I took a chance and subscribed. Keep up the great work!!!!

Jim KingJim King

This is a great site and I know that I will spend a lot of time here.

Kevin MaloneyKevin Maloney

I just saw a new Stumpy Nubs episode that mentioned your new 360 Woodworking and went right to your site to check it out. I am now a monthly annual member!

Brad ShultzBrad Shultz

As a member of 360, I just wanted to send a note to tell you guys that I hope you keep up the good work.

Charlie MullinsCharlie Mullins
I do like what I've seen from your efforts. Keep it up!
Len HenkelLen Henkel
I subscribed with a yearly membership and so far so good. The Ron Herman article on shooting boards is excellent.
Bill SandsBill Sands

Look'in good guys. I subscribed early-on and I'll be reading and archiving each new magazine in the future.

William BrownWilliam Brown
I'm enjoying 360WW, and so glad y'all decided to start it. Lots of meat and potatoes without all the filler, trivia, and fluff.
Steve WinningerSteve Winninger
Your content is spot on. You are off to a really great start & I'm glad I gave it a full year to try. It looks like a good value for the money & a source of information that doesn't seem to be available from any other single source.
Eric RuschEric Rusch

Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the first issue. I am really glad I signed up for the year. You can bet I'll be back next year.

Andy BrownellAndy BrownellWoodworker

Looking forward to seeing great woodworking content coming from you guys in the future!

Greg JonesGreg JonesWoodworker

Here is wishing you well in what happens next. I am certain you will do well.

Steve MassieSteve MassieWoodworker

Another sign up, looking forward to see what is happening and wishing you Guy's the best.

Al NavasAl NavasSandal Woods

Glen & Chuck, I send my best wishes for your continued success in the new phase of your careers! I will follow 360 WoodWorking with interest - cheers!

Larry WilliamsLarry WilliamsOld Street Tool

Best of luck to you!

Todd ClippingerTodd ClippingerAmerican Craftsman Workshop

I have NO DOUBT you guys can do this. Woodworkers are craving good information.

Frank KlauszFrank KlauszWoodworking Legend

This is great! I wish you guys the best of luck.

Steve LattaSteve LattaAuthor & Professor

Just wanted to let all three of you know that I wish you the best in your endeavors. I look forward to watching the revolution unfold.

Jack IpekjianJack IpekjianProfessional Woodworker

Your idea creates a platform for the finer intricacies of higher level woodworking to be discussed.

Todd DamonTodd DamonSteel City & Wood Werks

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for each of you, and eager to join you on this exciting journey. Here's to passion, and having the courage to follow your dreams!

Matthew TeagueMatthew TeagueWoodworker & Author

Can't wait to see where you guys take things. Good luck.

Kevin IrelandKevin IrelandWoodworker/Publisher/Editor

I hope 360 WoodWorking takes off! From the comments I've seen, a large number of folks seem ready to support you wherever you go.

The End of Woodworking?

I hope when you read the title of this post you did so with a bit of sarcasm. This weekend I was fast-forwarding through commercials while catching up on a show. Flashing past the screen at a 32X rate I noticed a table saw. Whoa! Time to backtrack and play it again....

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Secret Finish Fix

I learned many year ago that there are going to be problems when finishing. The simple saying that the difference between a woodworker and a great woodworker is that a great woodworker knows how to fix their problems is every bit as true when it comes to finish work....

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Bits & Bit Stock

I just posted a new presentation by Ron Herman for members at 360Woodworking.com. Way back in 2017 (sure seems like a long time ago, huh?) Ron did a video on braces and drills. The new release, Bits & Bit Stock dovetails into the 2017 presentation. While his short...

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Live-Edge Slabs from NYC with Roger Benton – 360w360 E.256

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Gary Rogowski Talks About His New Book & More. – 360w360 E.255

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