Yes Mr. Schwarz, there are handtools in Hueyland

This week is one I’ve long awaited. It’s the first time I’ve had my longtime friend, Glen Huey, in the shop. We’ve known one another for the better part of two decades but, until recently, neither of us had been in the other’s shop.

This week, Glen is here in my shop teaching a class on the slipper foot tea table that made the cover of Popular Woodworking in Juneof 2008. Recently Glen sat in for Chris Schwarz on the Woodworking Magazine blog and did a post regarding sharpening. Doing my best to try and follow the blogs as closely as possible, I immediately emailed Glen and asked “A handtool review, what’s up with that?”. Glen has always joked heavily about his power tool addiction. Well, I’m here today to tell you I have proof positive that he can actually grasp a handtool and make it work. The first bit of evidence I’d like to present is this photo of Glen wrestling with a spokeshave. Ok, I know it’s not very pretty but he does seem to be getting the job done. Now, Glen would argue that he normally uses a Shinto rasp to shape his cabriole legs and that said rasp qualifies as a “handtool” but I think if we just strap a 1/2 horse motor on it we can call it a power file.

Still, I feel I’m having an effect on Glen and his methods of work. The next thing I knew I actually heard something that sounded like sawing coming from the direction of Glen’s bench. Unable to fathom that Glen wasn’t in the machine room hacking away at that leg with my bandsaw I was shocked to find he had actually grabbed my little French dovetail saw and started shaping the foot on  the leg. Wonders never cease!

So Mr. Schwarz, I respectfully say to you, there is still “good” in him. I can feel it. He’s not totally lost. I know I can turn him from the dark side. We’ll see how day two of the class goes. I’ll update you tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel…uhh sorry, wrong show. May the Schwarz be with you.



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5 thoughts on “Yes Mr. Schwarz, there are handtools in Hueyland

  1. Chuck,

    You’re funny!!

    Matt Garcia

  2. Good evening all, I just wanted to add my $0.02. This class is as they say (more fun then a barrel full of monkies). I was traumatized yesterday and today seeing “Mr. Power Tools” himself using hand tools.

    I do feel pretty good though as I may have influenced someone to try something other then a hacksaw to shape their legs!

    If time permits I will continue to give a students perspective of the three ring circus taking place at Acanthus this week.

    (On a serious note though I am learning a ton as we have the great fortune of hearing two different perspectives on doing things from two very experienced Cabinet Makers)

    Joe C.

  3. Matt,

    Yes. Yes, I am.


    I only use a hacksaw when there are no students in the shop.


  4. Good morning Sunshine, glad I checked this before I left. I was not referring to you or a true hacksaw. I was referring to the certain type of rasp (get it?).

    I know it’s too early for me what was I thinking!


  5. Joe,

    I didn’t get it?!?!

    Besides, aren’t you supposed to be here already?


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