Woodworking Courses Without A Computer

Taking online courses in any subject, including woodworking courses, is the future of learning. It’s convenient. Bring the course directly to you. (There’s a free example posted below.) But in woodworking, being tied to your computer when you need to be in the shop practicing your new found skills is problematic. This week 360Woodworking.com took steps to alleviate that problem. The newest offerings are downloadable courses presented as a PDF with embedded video that plays whenever opened in Adobe Reader. Load them into your phone, tablet or laptop and you’re good to go – carry video instruction of the entire project right out into your shop.

Plus, the purchase of any of our new PDF project courses does not require an annual membership, so we’ve opened the door to any and all woodworkers looking to up their skill set. And the biggest news is that two of the project courses are now on sale at 25% off regular prices!

Besides watching the introduction to either of the two new PDF Courses, which you can do from the links below, click the following link to download Lesson #8 from Inlaid Tea Caddy. It’s free.
Click here to download Lesson #8. (file size 37.5 MB )

— Glen D. Huey

Go here to look at “Build A Chippendale Small Chest” (PDF Download)
Go here to look at “Inlaid Tea Caddy” (PDF Download)


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