Woodturning Patterns by David Heim – 360w360 E.244

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, we talk with David Heim about his new book Woodturning Patterns (Spring House Press). David wrote and illustrated his book – illustrations are 3-D drawings from SketchUp, a program in which David excels. In the book, David has gathered together more than 80 drawings that are full size renditions, except for a handful that are half scale. Patterns found in Woodturning Patterns include kitchenware, play things, knobs and finials, items for shop and garden tools, lamps and candlesticks and bowls, vases and platters. And yes, each of the patterns dimensions added.

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There’s More to the Story

David Heim, a board member at the American Association of Woodturners, knows many big-name turners across the country and throughout the world. He mentions in the interview that he adapted or copied some of the patterns in his latest book from a few of those well-respected woodturners. Plus, he talks about a couple of lathe turning techniques known as jamb chucks – you jamb your project onto a properly sized turned object – and doughnut chucks, which have nothing to do with glazed or cake donuts. But there are a couple of doughnut-shaped rings that are bolted together that grasp your object as you turn. If you are at all interested in turning, this book should be in your library.

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