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Yesterday, Saturday the 11th of July, we embarked on a new adventure. Our 360 with 360 WoodWorking podcast is growing like mad. And we’ve received lots of requests to make the episodes longer and include video. While making them longer isn’t on the road map at this point, we do have an idea that we’re testing over on our YouTube channel – a Saturday morning show (or video podcast if you want) called “Around the Shop with 360 WoodWorking.” The episodes are two to three times as long as our audio podcasts and, with the inclusion of video, we’ll be able to add techniques to the mix, answer questions from woodworkers worldwide (email your questions to questions@360woodworking.com) and lots of other fun stuff we just can’t do in an audio-only format. For the moment, they are posting every Saturday morning. It all adds up to more ways to have fun and learn with 360 WoodWorking. Check it out and let us know what you think of our first episode.


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10 thoughts on “We’ve Started Something New

  1. Very good ! I enjoyed it. The visual is much better then just audio. Thanks, Elmer

  2. Great blog on shellac.

  3. This is an excellent idea. Count on me to watch every Saturday morning.
    Weekly seems about right. I guess it would depend on the topic and substance, but I could stand something a little longer, say in the 30 minute range.
    Thanks, guys. –Tom

    1. The topics will hopefully be driven by questions from viewers, most of which turn off the video at around 15 minutes and listen solely to the audio…#facesmadeforradio

  4. Is there any difference between 3 pound cut shellac and 2 pound cut wax free seal coat? Advantage – disadvantage
    on using one over the other? It will be sprayed on a childs playset chairs made out of poplar.

    1. Usually, seal coats are less expensive than the actual topcoat finish because they are more thinner than finish. In this case, in addition to having more thinner in the mix, the shellac has also been more refined. The biggest problem I see is you’ll need more coats to get the same build.

  5. hey guys, so what happened to the ticking clock? always enjoy the podcasts: as a piano tech and
    rebuilder I have found using the German flakes from ” Tools for Woodworking” to be the best for a
    sealer on soundboards before varnishing. I use my wife’s coffee grinder to process the flakes, then
    put them in a glass jar with the appropriate alcohol ratio then heat it up in my glue pot. Can have a
    batch ready in twenty minutes or less. Always have used the high end Binks automotive guns for
    spraying. The heated shellac drys fast and hard and the varnish lays on beautifully. Thanks for
    creating a great site for a retired piano guy going into furniture building.

    1. The ticking clock may (or may not) make an appearance on the Saturday show. We’re still negotiating with his agent.

      I’ll have to try heating my shellac next time. Glad you like what we’re doing and thanks for the tip.

  6. If you are going to have an announcer, maybe you shoukd have a celebrity. I’m thinking John Cleese.


    1. So, you think we’re something akin to Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

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