Ultimate Scroll Cutting

Bandsaw guru (and the man who holds several bandsaw accessory patents) shares his thoughts on and demonstrates how to set up your bandsaw for the best twist and curve cuts – it’s sure to put a spring in your work. 

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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Scroll Cutting

  1. Great video clip. I have their magnetic fence and love it. Using their “how to set up a band saw” dvd I am able to cut paper thin slices with my 16 inch jet band saw.
    Thanks Alex

  2. Haven’t missed one of your demos @ Woodworking Shows (Somerset) in 15+ years! Great stuff. So there isn’t a need to remove lower guides just need to make sure they are backed out of the way and do not contact the blade, right?
    Always like those reindeer!

  3. Alex, Thanks for your expert teaching on set-up and techniques. I am somewhat frustrated with my freestanding ShopSmith bandsaw. Using the Carter stabilizer with proper tension and spring, I can’t keep the blade in the middle of the wheel. Unfortunately, no thrust adjustment on this tool. Suggestions?

    Tom Caso

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