Today’s Article – Set The Record Straight: Panel Assembly

STRS_Blog_PhotoMyths and fallacies are endless throughout woodworking. Woodworkers have to sift through so much to get the facts straight. In “Set The Record Straight”, we intend to wash away the untrue and deliver straight-up woodworking information. We begin with dispelling some of the myths about panel assembly. This process is something that all woodworkers need to do. It’s easy if you take the correct path and bypass the time-wasting extras that have become so engrained in everyday woodworking.

In today’s article (available to our subscribers) Glen D. Huey, in the first regularly appearing column at 360 WoodWorking, debunks  panel-assembly myths such as using biscuits and dowels, restrictions of board width and alternating growth rings. He’s also included a short video demonstrating the proper procedure for easy panel assembly. Plus there’s a section that shows you how to mill boards almost 1-1/2 x the width of your jointer bed – that makes working with wider boards a snap.

If you’re not a subscriber, take a look at our free premier issue for a taste of what we’re presenting. In that free issue, you can read the article “Machine Milling Mastery,” which walks you through the steps to achieve straight, flat and true boards. And take a look at the table of contents for our first issue to see what else you’re missing.

When you become a subscriber, you have access to new articles, presentations and videos every week. We’re in week six of releasing the content of our first issue. More is on the way. If you don’t want to miss out, click here or below to subscribe to 360 Woodworking.

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