Three Days of Bowls

This past week a good friend can into town to spend a few days at the lathe making bowls. I couldn’t turn him away!

Monday morning we kicked off the event by assembling a few bowls. Leading the pack were a couple of laminated bowls that were inverse of one another. Bowl one had a blistered maple 12/4 base with a 12-section ring of walnut wedges separated with 3/16″-thick maple inserts. Bowl two was a walnut base and a ring of tiger maple wedges separated with walnut inserts.

On the lathe, the bowls were turned to an ogee design and sanded. (A New Wave bowl sanding kit sure knocks out the inside bottoms with ease.) Inside lips and outside surfaces were smoothed using Abranet. You cannot beat it for sanding at your lathe.

The maple-based bowl was finished using Myland’s Cellulose Sanding Sealer with a coating of paste wax on top. The walnut-based bowl was coated with mineral oil, which soaked into the wood highlighting the tiger maple stripe. A coating of Howard’s Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner was then applied. Of the two finishes, I was partial to the sealer and wax, but my friend likes the oil treatment best.

Process Photos

A hunk of highly figured 12/4 maple is from what we built the bowl.
Sanding the surface flat was not such a good idea. Edges were rolled a bit and a small gap was evident at the glue line. Later rings were run over a jointer after the glue set.
Glue is spread only where the ring fits before four or five F-style clamps are installed.
To keep from burning his fingers, a Mirka Interface pad was used as a backer when sanding the inside and outside of bowls.
The two Myland’s products used to achieve the shine on bowl one.
A close-up look at the finish after wax was buffed.
The two inverse bowls sitting side by side.

— Glen D. Huey

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