Sticks & Stones

rocksAfter finishing up the William & Mary lowboy for last Friday’s article, I felt like there was still something missing. Sure, I had nicely figured material for the top and drawer fronts. The moldings and turnings were all crispy clean and everything was looking shiny and new. And that was the problem.

There are some pieces that need a bit of age and, to me, this is one. Personally, I’m not even sure when the originals were new, the cabinetmakers didn’t soften the edges and add a few bumps and dings. So, that’s exactly what I plan to do.

rocks2In fact, I’ve already started the aging process, but it won’t take 300 years. Oh no, this process is only going to take a week or so. And it all starts with a few specially selected aging rocks.

I wonder, would you ever consider denting, scratching and wearing anything you’ve built?

— Chuck Bender

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3 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones

  1. I have. I built the Shaker Woodbox from one of the New Yankee Workshop plans many years ago. I wanted it to look as aged as possible, so I had my kids come downstairs to my shop and take a hammer and ring of keys to it. They had a blast and it gave it that original feel. Also, when I pulled the lumber off the truck to build the piece, there was a nail underneath it and as it slid off, it left a huge gouge in the middle of the board. The driver offered to take it back, but I told him I would keep it. I decided to use it dead-center on the front of the box. To me, it kinda gave the new piece a “history” right off the bat with that imperfection.

  2. Sorry Chuck. Can’t walk this path with you. Don’t hold much with artificial distressing. All distressing on what I make is a natural part of the building process.
    Thanks Don

  3. Chuck, I agree with you, but just a little bit. Problem is ,just a tiny bit and where..then it sure is the thing to do. I don’t really like a new piece of CHROME sitting in a room with 150 year old style furniture !! The CHROME stands out like a really sore thumb !!!

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