Shop-made Router Fence

RouterFence_2As most of you know, I’m a router guy. I have more than a few routers in the shop – not as many as Norm, though. Some of my routers were purchased along with a fence. Some were not. But that’s not always a concern, depending on the task at hand.

As I worked on my rendition of a Regency Bookcase (the article is set for release to our members on Saturday), I had a couple of routers set for specific tasks that I did not want to change. And, I needed to rout a groove for the bookcase gallery, so I pulled another router off the shelf. As luck would have it, the routers for which I had fences were already in use, and the one I just pulled into action was one without a fence.

It was time to think shop-made. As you can see in the photos, I grabbed a short scrap from the trash and a couple of small C-clamps. Bingo. I had a fence.

The ability to adjust is tricky. Because I needed only one setup, once I had it dialed in I was good to go. Plus, if you do need to make a tweak to the fence location, barely loosen one clamp and with a couple of quick taps with a  small hammer or a weighty scrap of wood does the job.


— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Shop-made Router Fence

  1. Very resourceful! And, yes, I certainly admire you as a router master; Your “Dirt Simple Router Jigs” are superior. Maybe you’ll blog them or podcast them to 360 Working in the future along with some additional unique uses.

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