Replacing Chisel Handles


In the article from September/October 2015 issue, “Chisel Handle Fit & Design,” I covered some of the problems that improperly-sized chisel handles can cause, and looked at a few of the species that I consider to be good woods for replacements. And there was a brief mention of using a dowel to help determine the diameter that’s just right for your chisels.

(Fig. 1) Setting the diameter of the handle’s taper is key to a perfect and snug fit when making a replacement.

In this issue we get busy at the lathe to turn a few replacement handles for both socket and tang chisels. The process begins with a dowel. Not only does it help with the diameter, a dowel is the perfect story stick for your turning project. (Chuck Bender’s “Fundamentals of Woodworking: Layout Sticks,” takes a more in-depth look at layout sticks, story sticks or story poles.) After two simple marks we have a pattern with which to work. Plus, I’ll share why I think you should think twice before you smooth the knob on your handles.

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2 thoughts on “Replacing Chisel Handles

  1. Ron-do you ever make handles for Japanese chisels? I assume that their fabrication is more involved than the conventional socket and tang chisels that you demonstrated.

  2. Hey Ron, can you do an article on your rack for your lathe tools? It looks like a nice set up, and I’d like to build one.

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