Elegant Bed Steps (PDF Download)


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From Issue #7, “Elegant Bed Steps” by Glen D. Huey.
Below is an excerpt.

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With each bed sold, our customers generally purchased a set of bed steps, too – the mattress top was often between 24″ and 30″ above the floor, so having a set of steps, for some of our clients, was essential. (One client purchased a set to make sure her aged dog could get up on the bed.)

We quickly discovered that these bed steps were easy to bang out, and they added to our overall sales. If you need a set of bed steps, or you’re looking for a product to increase your sales, this could be the answer.

Check Your Scraps

The number of parts needed for these bed steps is small. In fact, the actual board footage used is small, too. It’s just more than 10 board feet if you apply a 30 percent waste factor. You may have at least some of the parts stashed in your scrap pile if you’re lucky. If not, make a trip to your lumber supplier and select a couple of boards to make it happen.

(Fig. 1) Save time by laying out both sides on a single assembled panel, and by printing and using a full-size pattern.

To save a little money, I glued-up a panel that allows me to get both sides from the single assembly (Fig. 1). If you work one slab for each side, you’ll waste material above the lower step unless you assemble different length boards. Besides, one glue-up saves time. Also mill the brace material to length, width and thickness. Because the treads are 9-3/4” in width, this is the best time to do the glue-ups if you need to assemble for width – I wouldn’t mill the treads to final anything as of yet.


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