Pier Table Day Two


It was around mid-afternoon when the first woodworker (Dave Wickham) assembled – I use that word loosely – his pier table. In the above photo you get a taste of what we’re doing in the class.

There’s considerable work just to get to this point – legs were tapered, some veneered the feet while others decided to add on solid feet, the front apron was stack laminated then tenoned and shaped to a fair curve, and angled tenons were cut onto the side aprons before shaping them, too. As I said, considerable work. And that’s what’s completed during the second day.

Others in the class are not far behind as you can see in the other photos. Mike Clark is working on his front apron, Dave Feola is forming his angled tenons on the side aprons (his front apron is complete), and Brian Prusa is tweaking the fit of his side tenons. Not shown today, but also knocking out their projects – we’ll all begin veneering the front aprons later in day three – is Frank Pelsor, Jeff Thompson and Mark Firley. I promise to get their mugs online this week.




— Glen D. Huey


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