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AlexYou’re probably already aware of Alex Snodgrass’s 360 WoodWorking article, 6 Simple Steps to Saw Better Veneer. But you may not know that we’ve turned it into an Online Course.

As a Fanatic or Enthusiast you might be thinking, “I read the article and watched the video, so why bother with the online course?” Well, you’d be missing out because there’s tons of extra information added to each section that isn’t in the article text or video. Each of our online courses expand on the information presented in our articles and videos. Plus they break everything down into small, easily digested bites that allow you to pick up where you left off if you need to take a break, or rewatch a section if you missed a detail.

And from now until August 1, Alex’s course is on sale for $10 off the regular price of $16.95 – that’s only $6.95 to kick up your bandsaw’s performance. But, if you’re a Fanatic, you get access to the class for free! (And if you’re an Enthusiast, you get it at a discount off the already discounted price.)

The additional text helps supplement and clarify a lot of the information Alex presents in the video. Taking the course also provides you with a method to directly interact with Alex through the private messaging system. So, if you’ve got questions, he’ll be able to help you through those rough spots. And as our catalog of online courses expands, you’ll be able to get reliable, experienced answers to your questions from the best woodworking teachers available anywhere. If you’d like to see what Alex’s course is all about, why not take a look at the introductory lesson for free?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Alex’s online course today!

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2 thoughts on “Online Classes That Give You More

  1. Fanatisicm appears to have its benefits. Thanks, guys.

    1. Charles,

      You mean in addition to the full-length videos, the Fanatic Podcast, the $100 discount on any, and all, hands-on classes you take with 360, and (the ever popular) much more?

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