New Fanatic Membership Pricing

There's new Fanatic Membership pricing just in time for the holidays!When Glen and I started 360 WoodWorking our primary goal was to give back to the woodworking community. We said right from the start that once we reached a certain level of membership (don’t ask, I won’t tell ya), we’d do something dramatic. Well, we’ve done it with our new Fanatic Membership pricing. And some will say it’s a change for the better.

Originally, we thought it would take us three to five years to reach our initial membership goal, but you helped us get there in just two. We have other goals set that allow us to give back even more to the woodworking community. If dropping our price by nearly 70% sounds awesome to you, help us reach our next membership goal and you’ll be amazed at what we have in mind to give our members.

New Fanatic Membership Pricing

We were going to hold this until Monday, but we’re busting at the seams trying to contain ourselves. We’ve lowered the price of our Fanatic level to just $36 per year. You heard that right, that averages out to only $3 per month for access to the most experienced woodworking information on the web.

For our existing Fanatics, over the next few weeks we’ll be changing your renewal rate to $36. And if you joined, or renewed since October 1, 2016, we’re going to push out your renewal date for two additional years. If you joined or renewed between July 1 and September 30, we’re going to add 3 months to your renewal date.

We’ll be converting our Enthusiasts over to Fanatics at the new rate. For those lingering on the old monthly plan, you’ve gotten an email offering you a deal to upgrade to a Fanatic. Our original Annual members (those who joined in the first year) were also sent an email that details how you can switch to a Fanatic  at no cost to you, so we can update your renewal date and pricing.

There’s a lot more coming in 2017 too. We’ll be introducing new contributors next year, but you’ll also be getting more from some of your old favorites (yep, I called Ron Herman old…that’s how I read it anyway). There’s also tons of new features and content coming to the website. And we made the change in time for you to get in on it for the Holidays. So, treat yourself, or a woodworker you know, to a Fanatic Membership to 360 WoodWorking.

— Chuck Bender


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