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The presentation going out to our members this week is the beginning of a new column. We call it, “Captivating Curiosities Uncovered.” The idea is to introduce something woodworking related that people see and already know, but with which they are unfamiliar. We, then, reveal the mystery (or curiosity) beneath. This week we acquaint our members with vibrantly painted furniture from the Schwaben Creek area of Pennsylvania around 1820 – 1840. You may know this furniture better as Mahantongo Valley furniture.

This new column is quasi-project oriented. We write about the designs and provide a bit of history, but we do not provide step-by-step instructions of a building process. But a detailed set of plans of a chest of drawers similar to one found in the grouping is included. We took this set of plans, which includes a front, side, back and exploded views – and a full cut list, too – and gave them more.

Plans Tell More

With each of the projects releases, a set of drawings used to build the projects is included. With each set  of plans you have all the information you need to complete the project – admittedly, sometimes you have to dig deep, but the figures are there. And if ever you cannot find a measurement you need, please contact us and we’ll provide the answer.

What’s the more, then? There is an additional page of a few of the joints used on the project, but more importantly, because this is a painted project, we added color to the plans to differentiate what surfaces are painted and what surfaces would have been left paint-free. I think the idea of showing the surfaces that are painted will catch on. I also feel confident that the new column will be a hit, but that’s in the hands of our members. If you’re a member of 360WoodWorking, please let us know what you think, especially after the Friday release.

If you want to become a member, it’s way easy to do. Click here.

Our regularly delivered project plans are at the top. The painted-surfaces set is shown below.

— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “New Column with Updated Plans

  1. This is the honest truth.
    The money I spent signing up for membership to this site, is by far some of the best woodworking money I’ve ever spent.

    I will remain a member as long as you guys drive this train.


  2. I agree. These two guys are the gold standard for sure.

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