Mark Arnold

arnold_headshotMark Arnold has been making furniture since he was 15 and his father filled up the basement with woodworking tools and walnut that he had harvested on his Ohio farm. Mark continued to experiment with woodworking throughout his high school and college years. During a study abroad experience in France in his junior year of college, Mark was captivated by the pieces he saw in The Best Craftsmen in France, an annual exhibition featuring the work of highly skilled cabinet makers, carvers, and marqueteurs. Upon returning to the U.S. and finishing his degree, he worked as a finish carpenter for two years, and then applied to North Bennet Street School’s Cabinet and Furniture Making program from which he graduated in 1996.  Mark has been making furniture professionally ever since, cultivating a special interest in Federal furniture, inlay and veneer work. Although inspired by period furniture, he loves adding his own design elements to the mix to create truly original pieces. Mark has received several awards for his work exhibited at arts and crafts fairs. He has written articles for  Woodwork Magazine, Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, and was also the editor of American Period Furniture for eight years. He has taught at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, The Chautauqua Institution, and at his own shop in Central Ohio. Visit to learn more.

To see his portfolio of work online, click here.

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