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11-5-2014 1-20-54 PMWe are making our presentations available in a couple of different ways. Glen Huey’s story on building a Shaker Shop Stool is our first example, and the online version of it is available here. Before the article starts, there is a line of text that says “This presentation is available as a PDF. Click here to download.” We’re doing this because there are advantages to both formats. This post explains what you get in the PDF, and gives some hints for taking full advantage of the features within. If you have a plug-in on your browser that lets you read PDFs online, you will be able to read the article online, but the feature we’re most excited about, embedded video, won’t work. The same situation happens if you read the PDF on your tablet or smart phone. The embedded videos only function if you open the file with Adobe Reader on your computer. If your computer is a PC, you likely already have Adobe Reader installed. If your machine is a Mac, you also need to use Adobe Reader. Preview, the native Mac software for reading PDF files won’t allow the videos to play. If you already have Reader on your computer, it wouldn’t hurt to update to the latest version. Click Here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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Adobe Reader is a free download, and you need it to use all the features of 360 Woodworking PDF presentations. Click on the image to get it.


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6 thoughts on “Make the Most of 360 PDF Presentations

  1. Since you are just starting up the new site I recognize that some things will take more time to implement then others so I will be patient. It’s looking good so far.

    I did however want to make the point that since many of us use MAC(s), your system will need to fully support operability of these machines as well as for PC(s). I look forward to the day when we will also be able to see your PDF(s) using the native MAC PREVIEW software but will make do with using the ADOBE READER software in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing where you will be taking your readers in the months to come so good luck with the new approach.

    1. Two out of the three of us are on Macs too. You can open the PDFs in Preview, you just can’t view the embedded video – it’s an Adobe thing. We have a work-around solution or two we’re testing, but I think we’ll be dependent on the software producers for a stylish and simple solution. At the moment, we’re more limited by the technology than we are by our creativity.

  2. I immediately signed up for a year subscription. I also downloaded your Shaker stool (everyone that travels anywhere near the Hancock Shaker Village should absolutely go to it) PDF. I was using Adobe Acrobat, so i went out, using your link, and downloaded Adobe Reader and then made the settings changes you suggested. I then tried to watch the video. Turns out you have to have installed Flash Player on your system (as opposed to using the version of it that your browser, like Chrome, allows you to use). The link for this took me to Adobe’s site, where the wording was quite obtuse (like most of Adobe’s user interfaces) and instructed me to right click somewhere to download it. It was not at all clear where that might be and after I clicked on each of their related links, which were both dead, I just opened a Google search for downloading Flash player. What I opened up told me I didn’t need to download it because I was using Chrome, but it also had a place to download and install the plugin. I thought I was all set, but the video still wouldn’t show. I’ll probably be rebooting my computer soon and will try to remember to see if the embedded videos work then.
    Looking forward to more from 360 Woodworking!

    1. You shouldn’t need the “Flash” player, but on some systems the videos will only play if “QuickTime” is set as the designated player in Adobe Reader. Even though Adobe makes both the software we use to create the content and Adobe Reader, when things go wrong they are of little help, usually they send you to error messages from the dawn of time. Let us know if it doesn’t improve after you reboot.

      1. Digging a little deeper into how the software works, it appears that “Flash” is indeed involved with the videos embedded in the PDFs. If you get an error message about missing or out of date “Flash”, you should install the latest version. When you add or change the Adobe Reader Preferences you should close, then reopen Reader to make them work.

  3. Really great info in the “RELATED POSTS” area. Wealth of good tips and info !!

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