Kudos to Horton Brasses Inc.

IMG_2711If you’ve purchased and installed brass screws on any of your projects, you most likely found that small brass screw are easily broken, especially if your pilot hole is not sized correctly. I’ve even snapped brass screws because I didn’t add wax prior to installation. With the number of times you need to install and remove and re-install screws as you hang doors or add locks to your project, it’s no wonder screws are broken. Plus, if you’ve ever needed to dig out the remaining threaded shaft, you know how frustrating a snapped screw can be.

I discovered years back that driving a like-sized steel screw, then pulling it to install a brass screw worked great. What I hated was that many times I wouldn’t have the correct screws in house, so I’d venture to my local hardware store.

What does this have to do with Horton Brasses? Below is a page capture from the company for hinges similar to those I bought for the Shaker cupboard from the last issue of 360 Woodworking. Inside the red box is the important information. Kudos to Horton Brasses for including matching zinc-plated pilot screws with these hinges. Thank you! Hinge installation just got easier.


— Glen D. Huey

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3 thoughts on “Kudos to Horton Brasses Inc.

  1. Glen, I really like the value offered by Horton Brasses hinges for decorative boxes. It is the right mixture of quality and price. I only wish they offered additional hardware for small boxes like latches, clasps, locks, lid chains, etc.

    1. Merle,
      I know that Orion Henderson of Horton pays attention to all things woodworking. If you (or others) have comments on product that you’d like the company to carry, this is a golden opportunity to get your wishes heard.

  2. Horton is a great company to do business with. I’ve found their courtesy and service to be consistently top notch. They ship instantly. It’s a family business and, IMO, should serve as a model of how a company should be run. The only thing missing for me is when I want truly hand forged and casted hardware, which is often the case for pulls. I go elsewhere for that, and pay the price in many ways. I realize that this is just not what they do, but it might behoove them to import English forged hardware, made for American period pieces.
    BTW, I have no association with them except as a very satisfied customer.

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