Jointer Tips, Tricks & Techniques


Take a look in most woodworking shops and you’re sure to find stationary machines that allow lumber to be milled into four-squared, usable boards. The three main machines used to mill are a jointer, planer and table saw. Of those three workhorses, the jointer is your first stop for properly milled boards. It’s the only machine in the shop that makes a board’s face and edge flat.

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One thought on “Jointer Tips, Tricks & Techniques

  1. Great video! You should put a permanent link to it on your home page.

    You should have mentioned that even though you can flatten boards that rock or twist, they won’t necessarily stay flat after leaving the shop and encountering humidity variations. They may have been milled flat and developed that twist or rocking character during dryinog. They are put in the junk pile for a reason.


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