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Ok, I know it isn’t Sunday (I said my postings would likely come Sunday and Thursday mornings) but The Rookster stopped by my blog the other day. I read his comment here and then checked out his blog where I found a nice little post about my blog (does that mean I need to add it to the “Charles Bender on the web” post?…I digress). Since I’m naturally curious, I continued to delve into his blog…for the next two days (I’m a slow reader if you can’t tell by how fast I type…). It’s chock full of great information. He obviously is very passionate about his woodworking and his woodworking education. The posts are insightful and, quite often, entertaining.

I’m only about half way through reading his archives. The posts range from tool reviews to a little background on some of the legends of woodworking in America to his take on something that has appeared in a woodworking magazine (can’t wait to see what he thinks of my article in Popular Woodworking once it hits the street) or on a woodworking blog. He even shows you some common mistakes and how he goes about fixing them.

I even stumbled on a website for what appear to be some fantastic hand planes. I’ve heard of Sauer & Steiner Toolworks but I have never seen anything they’ve made. As many of you know, I’m a minimalist when it comes to my philosophy on tools. I’m not a gadget guy. When I read reviews in magazines about tools, I’m skeptical at best. These planes are amazing and they are priced that way. Like the furniture I build, you can see the huge amount of time, effort and care that goes into them. Surely they are worth every penny but they are way beyond my pragmatic woodworking vision. I can still admire them. Thanks Rookster for actually getting me to look at something I would have passed over in a magazine.

I’ve added a link to his blog in my blogroll (it’s the odyssey one). It’s worth a read…or two or three.





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2 thoughts on “I’ve been checking out this blog

  1. There is some good stuff at that link. i wsa just about ready to purchase a lee valley dovetail saw and saw there are some great links to some other guys who hand make saws for about the same price now i can”t decide which to buy. any thoughts? You guys should try woodwhisper.com he has some good stuff and a demo night pod cast were here demos stuff and you can ask questions. He post when they will be check it out.

  2. I check out Marc’s site once in a while. He has some good stuff and he seems completely approachable. I’ll put him on the blogroll at some point.

    I’ll check out Rookster’s blog about the handsaw and get back to you.

    Thanks for posting.

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