Issue 8 Archive

Skyline Cupboard

Sometimes ideas pop into my head and get stuck there. This is one of those ideas. For a few years now I have wanted to build a small cupboard with doors showing a city skyline. The design has gone through a multitude of transformations, mostly in my mind. Even after I began the project there were changes […]

7 Steps to a Museum Finish

I’ve written how it’s important to think about finishing early in the game – as early as when you begin to select material. If you build with lumber that is harvested from the same tree, your ability to achieve a uniform color throughout the project is greatly enhanced. But for many of us, purchasing sets […]

Micro Fence

The phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” could not be more accurate when it came to creating the first product from the California concern Micro Fence. The owner of the company, Richard Wedler, had to reinvent himself as he transitioned into woodworking. Plus, after he came to understand the lack of accuracy in small […]

Step Into CNC

To many woodworkers, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology may seem clouded in equal parts mystery and intimidation.  Although there is no getting around a potential mountain of stuff to learn, it need not be insurmountable. In fact, it may be easier than you think. My journey to CNC took place over a couple of decades, […]

Time For Tea

Tea tables have always been one of my favorite forms of furniture. Quite often, however, furniture makers overlook tables of this design because they are considered more formal pieces. Yet the form provides the budding woodworker with an easy-to-build project that provides challenges and an elegant look. Many tea tables consist of merely four legs, […]

Set the Record Straight: Sloped Gullets

If you’re cutting a board using your handsaw, and you notice that the gullets on your saw, the triangular openings between each tooth, are quickly clogged with dust to the point of actually lifting the tool in the kerf, you have a problem. The problem is that the waste shaved off by the tooth fills […]

WD: Wood Movement

A number of years ago a really bad movie about the revolutionary war called “The Patriot” staring Mel Gibson hit the big screen. It was bad on so many levels that I can’t even begin to explain it. However, the good guys, as you know, win, so I watch it whenever it’s on. The reason […]

Identical Spindle Turnings

A majority of woodworkers who own a lathe use it to make legs, round stretchers, spindles, and other furniture components. Those parts share one important trait – the orientation of the wood on the lathe. The wood blanks are held between the lathe centers by their ends so that the grain runs parallel to the […]