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Framed For Figure

Spice boxes have been a Chester County, Penn., favorite for more than 300 years. Long after these little chests had gone out of fashion in other parts of the country, they continued to captivate the residents of this Philadelphia suburb. But their appeal would spread throughout the country once more. With the growth in popularity […]

Shaker Sewing Table

When I began building furniture, I was, as are many new-to-woodworking furniture makers, into Shaker pieces. I enjoyed the simplistic designs and straight lines the Shakers put into each piece. If you sent me into the shop to build anything I wanted, it would be a Shaker project. One of my first furniture books was […]

The Sanding Block

Novice woodworkers often ask how to develop skills with a hand plane. The resurgence of hand-tool woodworking over the last decade has brought these timeless tools to the forefront again. And, while they are not difficult to use, the learning curve for proficiency is greater than that of their corded counterparts. While I can understand […]

Set The Record Straight: Panel Assembly

I’m always amazed when I see woodworkers struggle with gluing up two or more boards to make a panel. I’ve seen photos of guys with their panel assemblies on the concrete floor of the shop with their knees at the joint straining to level the seam and clamp the pieces before the glue sets. And […]

Tools to Stay on Track

Making good furniture is mostly a matter of making good parts. Would-be furnituremakers get into trouble when they let little things go when fabricating parts. If a piece isn’t quite straight, a little out of square, or just a bit too big or small, these discrepancies affect far more than that individual piece. Every part […]

Simple Woodworking Jigs That Work

In many woodworking magazines, the only jigs written about are those with star knobs, threaded rods and sliding parts – jigs that require more pieces than a small chest of drawers. Those are for the jig-o-licous readers who want to build jigs. I want to complete projects. Jigs used in my shop are simple to […]

Shooting Boards

Shooting boards turn hand planes, a tool used most often to smooth and flatten stock, into finesse tools in the shop or on the job site – a simple, exactingly executed shop-made board brings superpowers to planes. All of a sudden you have the ability to trim boards by thousandths of an inch with a […]

Fundamentals of Fearless Finishing

Many woodworkers hate finishing, and with good reason. It’s part of the process where a misstep can take hours, or days, from which to recover (if at all). For many, the process is filled with fear and doubt. But it doesn’t have to be that way – it is a process after all. While you […]

Conversation With Peter Korn

Six students and one instructor in an old barn grew into what is today the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. By 1996 the barn would no longer serve the growing number of students and courses, so the school moved to its present location a few miles away. After outgrowing the first building on the site, the […]