Happy Anniversary to 360 Woodworking


That’s correct. 360 Woodworking has reached its one year anniversary. Last October we set about to do something new with woodworking information. Our mission was to incorporate text and photos and video directly into the articles – to take advantage of what “online” offers to present a better woodworking website. We published  techniques and project articles from many experienced woodworkers.

Right out of the gate, our members swelled beyond what we had dared to hope. Throughout the year more and more members began to believe in our efforts, and our numbers continued to grow. We came to understand that the best marketing isn’t advertising, it’s a remarkable and innovative product. And the best advertising, in which our members have helped tremendously, is person to person, or word of mouth. We thank each and every one of you for your support.

It’s because of the support of our members that we have the opportunity to make significant changes as we begin year two. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see new things coming from 360 Woodworking. Today, we made a few tweaks to our website – we rearranged a few boxes and renamed a few things. Nothing earth shattering, but important just the same. And these become more important as we move deeper into October. Check it out and stayed tuned.

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One thought on “Happy Anniversary to 360 Woodworking

  1. One of the best woodworking investments I’ve made.
    Thanks fellas.

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