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According to the calendar, we’ve just moved into the second half of 2017. Being July, many woodworkers are out on family vacations or handling those summer chores. It’s possible that you need something to pull you back.

Thank goodness there’s the 2017 General Finishes Design Challenge. General Finishes contest accepts entries beginning July 7, 2017 and runs through July 28, 2017, with winners announced the third week in August. You could win prizes for simply entering a piece that you’ve built, rehabbed, painted or turned using any one of the thousands of finishing product from General Finishes. That’s crazy.

But what’s even more zany is that General Finishes Design Challenge has included me as a judge of the Woodworking category. Yes, it’s true. In the woodworking area, the list of judges are Jim Heavy, Roland Johnson, Ron Herman, Jeff Sivak, Joe Rector, Chuck Bender, Mike Ziegler and me. (That list of names should be hanging on the wall in your local Post Office.)

A Couple of 2016 Winners

General Finishes Design Challenge 2016 Woodworking winner was “Compass Rose Table” built by Warren Snow of Snow Woodworks.

Woodworking is just one of the many categories, which also include Upcycling, Video Demonstration, European Treasures, Staging and Woodturning. There’s a list of all categories below. For rules information, click here.

Now is the time to put your craftsmanship to the challenge. Here are couple of the winners selected in 2016. For woodworking, first-place went to Warren Snow of Snow Woodworks. His “Compass Rose Table” is Macassar ebony, with an inlaid compass rose of holly and etimoe. Snow’s recipe for a superb finish is a combination of epoxy grain filler and General Finishes Gloss Enduro Var.

Even if you’re not looking to enter this year’s contest, you should stay up with the proceedings because it’s a great place to find inspiration. I was stunned when I got a look at the third place winner in the 2016 Custom Color Mix category, “Cinderella’s Silver Slipper Transformation.” Debbie from Vintage Sister in Jacksonville, FL knows how to paint. She used General Finishes Argentine Pearl Effects in the finish, and coated the piece with General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze. Outstanding.

Get your entry in by July 28th.

— Glen D. Huey

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