Frankly, These Guys Are Kicking A@$

This week, beginning on Monday, I have a couple of woodworkers in the shop building Pembroke tables. Frankly, these guys are kicking A@$. It’s been only three days and the Franks – that’s right, both guys in the class are named Frank – are owning these tables.

As you can see in the photo, the tables, complete with oval drop-leaf tops and fly rails with knuckle joints, are all but finished. Because they plan to breakdown the tables to transport them back to their shops, they decided to build without assembly, which is why the aprons are not yet installed. (It also requires that your joinery is tight.)

We’ve had one small hiccup with the aprons. Frank #1 flipped his fly rail, and Frank #2 got a twist in his joint. Both fixes were easy. They were back at it in no time.

Tomorrow is all about the drawer, and we’ll knock out hammering some veneer. And Frank #1 has hinted that he may want to string his front legs.

This is the first time I’ve conducted a class where I worried about what we’ll do on Friday. (I’m hopeful that we can hang out at B Dubs.) Bet some of you wish you had signed up for the class, huh?

— Glen D. Huey


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  1. Glen, Remarkable. Hats off to you and your teaching talents. Let me know if you need any tools for your classes. Miss seeing you on the circuit. Best regards, Rich Wedler

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