First 360 WoodWorking Week in Review

For beginners, I think our first week went pretty well. After opening up the site on Wednesday, November 5 we paused to catch our breath (at least publicly) and on Sunday Glen Huey posted a SketchUp model of his Shaker Stool project.

IMG_0008Bright and early Monday morning, Chuck and Glen hopped in the truck and headed east, making it to New Jersey in time to celebrate Frank Klausz’s birthday. Along the way, they gave me a call and we all decided that our PDF presentations should come in two versions, one with the video content embedded and one without. I got under the hood, and had the slow connection friendly version of Glen’s stool article online later that day. Also on Monday I posted on the blog about using SketchUp to make life easier in the shop.

Tuesday was the release day for our second “360 with 360 Woodworking” podcast titled “Spray, Brush or Rag“. Our podcasts are released twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and are six minutes of the three of us weighing in on how we approach certain aspects of woodworking. You can subscribe to the podcast either through RSS feed or through Itunes.

On Wednesday we released our second PDF presentation, a story (with lots of photos) about the Roycroft Inn & Campus in New York. That led to a busy Thursday that saw:

Today has been a “work behind the scenes” day, I’m juggling several tasks for our December 15 “first issue” release and tidying up before Glen and Chuck get back to town. We’ll save where they’ve been and what they were up to for next week, and for future issues of 360 WoodWorking. All good stuff, and if you become a subscriber you won’t miss any of it.

— Bob Lang

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