Episode IIIV: The Huey Strikes Back

Our tale begins in a workshop far across my driveway. The first day of the class under their belts, this class of stellar students seeks to fully understand the ways of The Schwarz. In a vain effort to achieve complete oneness with the work, they draw their Shinto rasps and prepare for battle.

In spite of the proddings of the younger (and MUCH better looking) woodworking master, the class followed Darth Huey down the path of the Shinto. Intently they watched, gleaning all the subtleties of his technique.  First, they learned to shape feet and ankles then they moved on to the upper legs.

Each new apprentice hungrily attacked the task given by the master. Each fell prey to the lure of the Shinto. It was a dark day for the edged tool master. He could do nothing but watch as one young apprentice fell after another.

The edged tool master struggled against the onslaught to no avail. The harder he tried, the more apprentices fell through his grasp. One after another fell prey to Darth Huey and his Shinto religion.

None realized where the quick and easy path would lead them. None knew that once they set their feet upon the Shinto path, forever would it rule their lives. In their frenzied orgy of Shintoism, they even resorted to using a bandsaw (ok, I have to admit even I’m not going to cut out a cabriole leg with a bowsaw)!

The edged tool master struggled to gain even the smallest bit of ground. Onward he pushed, fighting to save the edge tool from workshop extinction. Finally, a chink in the armour appeared, a break in the lines, a subtle change in the tide. From the depths of despair a glimmer of hope appeared. Was one of the young apprentices actually using a chisel?

Darth Huey rallied his troops and prepared for a final assault. He still had a dark secret that would make the edged tool master reel. Quietly he spoke with each of the padawan learners, plotting and planning. The edged tool master would be converted or die.

Where would the Shinto master, Darth Huey, lead them? How would they ever be able to return to the path of the edged tool? Stay tuned for more adventures in Hueyland!


If you hadn’t guessed, we’re having way too much fun this week in the class. I know it’s only day two but everyone is making great progress. Tomorrow they should get their table bases together and there might even be something special lurking in the wings.

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3 thoughts on “Episode IIIV: The Huey Strikes Back

  1. It appears we have a Star Wars fan in our midst!!


  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi this young Jedi must beg to differ I could not fall to the use of the Shinto as the force of my Auriou was stronger.

    I can say that his mind tricks did work on us all today using his tenon techniques caused us all great anxiety as we should have listened to the Edge Tool Master

    Joey C.

  3. Chuck,

    Looks like a great class…wish I could be there.

    The Craftsman’s Path

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