Drill and Router Bit Sharpening – 360w360 E.195

Drill and router bit sharpening is something you might, or might not, consider.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking the 360 guys talk about drill and router bit sharpening. What do they do and why?

Join the guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck & Glen, and sometimes a surprise guest, all have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun.

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Drill and Router Bit Sharpening

Drill and router bits get dull. We know this isn’t breaking news, but to what lengths do you go to use sharp bits? Do you sharpen or toss the old and buy new? There are arguments for either, but to which do Glen and Chuck subscribe? You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.


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One thought on “Drill and Router Bit Sharpening – 360w360 E.195

  1. I have been know to sharpen spade bits with a flat file while 4 stages up on scaffolding. Do you think I messed up the profile ?

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