You Don’t Get Many of These

I’m not sure what it’s like where you live, but I can tell you that today (June 27th, 2017) is probably one of the best days to spray finish I’ve seen in years. You don’t get many of these.

The temperature is in the low 60s. Humidity is even lower. And it may be that timing is everything because I need to apply a few coats of shellac on a Mission desk I’m completing. And to beat all, my Zinsser shellac was as fresh as I’ve been able to wrap my hands around in a long time, so dry times were short. Ah! The heavens above are smiling on me.

It took me all of 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete three layers of shellac on the desk base and top. That included changing my spraying setup, too.

Bad With The Good

The bad news is that now that I have the shop work done, I get to spend the rest of the day in front of my computer knocking out the text and tweaking photos. At least the windows are open.

If you’re interested, this desk is the subject of the next article coming out on Friday. Get all the text, photos, plans and cut list if you’re a member of Sign up here.

All that’s left is to add the hardware. That happens tomorrow or Thursday. Nothing like “Just in Time” inventory.

— Glen D. Huey

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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Get Many of These

  1. Move to high elevation Montana. We have perfect spray conditions year round. Of course you have to allow greater clearances if you are shipping back east because of the humidity differences (easily a 5% difference in kiln dried wood)

    1. Jim,
      I expect that you do have great spray conditions in Montana during the summer months, but I’m not willing to trade my normal four months of high humidity for your Winter snow levels. Unless, of course, I could be locked in a heated shop with extra large windows and a toilet-roll-long “to build” list.

      1. Glen, I have the first two, but unfortunately not the latter.

  2. That came out beautifully Glen. I really love when the “shop gods” smile down on us occasionally.

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