Do You Gadroon?

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If you want to break out of the ordinary when it comes to building furniture, Chuck Bender suggests that adding carved elements to your projects is a great option. If ball-and-claw feet, acanthus leaves and vine work are not within your skill-set or you just don’t like those designs, there is another design that could be one that you like and could knock out, especially over the holiday weekend. Give gadrooning a try. This week the 360 Woodworking article is on gadrooning, complete with a 30+ minute video that explains the entire process in step-by-step mode.

Gadroon is a simple carved element looks like a twist or rope molding. It is usually applied to (or carved from the solid) edges of a case or chair, but can also be found on columns of tilt-top tables. And while it primarily shows up in high-style Chippendale pieces, there isn’t any reason you couldn’t add this decorative element to a far simpler piece, such as a small drop leaf table.

Plus, you don’t need a cabinet full of carving chisels to get the job done. In fact, as I watched Chuck throughout this technique I noticed that he used his bench chisel the majority of the time.

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— Glen D. Huey



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