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This post is to give you a few links to places on the web where there is commentary on my work. I’ll add more as people let me know where to find them.

The first link comes from some good friends. Glen and Steve Huey are two tremendously talented craftsmen (I’ll leave it to them to decide which is better…yep, stirring up sibling rivalry again…). In an early blog post for their Woodworkers edge website. Here is where you’ll find their blog. It looks like its been a while since they’ve posted to it. Maybe if some of my readers head over and comment on their posts, we can encourage them to get back to it.

The next link is to my vocational school where I was elected a few years ago into their alumni hall of fame. Thanks to Werner Duerr and Sally Riddle for making this honor possible.

Woohoo! We made the Motley Fool! Ok, I know it’s only a link to a page on the cabinet shop website but it is the Fool. And I would have thought we’d have made it to the Fool because our furniture is such a great value. 🙂



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