Build an Apple Carrier

IMG_5032Apple season officially begins in August with the arrival of apples that are best used for applesauce – not one of my favs. The reason I bring this up in late March, however, is to allow plenty of lead time. We woodworkers don’t often begin and/or complete projects ahead of time. (For years – and still today some would argue – I used a just-in-time inventory system that sometimes extended my scheduled completion date.) Another reason to bring this up falls around the release of the new article for 360 Woodworking, an Apple Carrier.

No. As you can see in the above photo, it’s not a crate that you may have used in your college dormitory. Our apple carrier is the perfect project to build upon or improve your woodworking skills. The sides are laid out at a 15° angle, and the corners are dovetailed. But those dovetails are not of the compound variety because the ends are set at 90°. Plus, we provide alternative methods of work for many of the steps presented.

What’s especially interesting about this article, is how it’s presented. We ventured outside the box on this one. If you’re not a subscriber, this may be the prefect time to jump in and see what we’re doing. (Sign up below.) As we talked about back in October 2014, we are working to present woodworking as no other woodworking magazine,  personality or online website has done before. This article is a furniture deck – think PowerPoint slides. It’s quick to read, full of detail-oriented photos and uses text where necessary. Best of all, you get the information. Below is an example of one of the slides.


— Glen D. Huey

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