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~ShakerChest_BlogStop the presses. (Never thought that I would actually write that in a post!) We’ve changed the date for a Hands-on class to make it easier for woodworkers to attend.

OK. We originally setup the class on building a Shaker Chest over three weekends spread over three months. The idea was to allow woodworkers to come in for the class, and complete the “homework” at home prior to coming in the next month. At the end of the class, you ‘d have a completed chest ready for finish and use. What we discovered through a number of email questions and phone calls was that many of you are more interested in a short vacation spent in the shop banging out the chest while hanging out with the guys at 360 Woodworking than you are in taking homework back to your place. Can’t say that I blame you. I hated homework, too.

As a result, we’ve rescheduled the Build a Shaker Chest with 360 Woodworking to a six-day affair beginning October 10th, 2016.

And to help anyone straddling the fence on whether to sign up for this class or not, we’ve knocked $50 bucks off the class. The discount is only good through July 31st, 2016.

If you have questions, you know how to contact us. (If you don’t, just click my name below.)

— Glen D. Huey

PS. If you’re not yet a 360 Woodworking Fanatic, sign up to be one prior to purchasing the class and you’ll get another $100 in savings – it’s like getting a year long, full-access membership for FREE. And if you are a Fanatic, you already get the additional $100.



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