Big Savings for Pembroke Table Hands-on Class

If you have a week free beginning September
18th – yes I know it’s barely a month away – 360Woodworking has the perfect woodworking vacation for you. There is one bench open for a hands-on class building a Pembroke table, a furniture form that spanned over a century and was interpreted differently by the tastes and styles of the various designers of the age.

In the class as you build your table, you’ll learn multiple methods to taper legs, how to work with stack-lamination techniques for the curved parts, basic veneer work, how to lay out and cut the oval top complete with drop-leaf joinery and inlay and how to make knuckle joints for the fly rail – come ready to work to build this iconic piece of period furniture.

Sign up this week at a savings of $350*
* member discount does not apply

Please contact me (click on my name below) if you have any questions. Plan Packs for the class go out today (8/14/2017).

If you’re interested in additional information about Pembroke tables, here’s a good article from Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers written by Karen Keane. She examines differences between good, better and best examples.

Check out the Class & Project here.

— Glen D. Huey




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