Micro Fence

Wedler_opener-1The phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” could not be more accurate when it came to creating the first product from the California concern Micro Fence. The owner of the company, Richard Wedler, had to reinvent himself as he transitioned into woodworking. Plus, after he came to understand the lack of accuracy in small hand-held tools, specifically router edge guides, he did what any musician turned woodworker turned entrepreneur would do. He built one.

It isn’t difficult to see how a musician from northern Ohio could end up in California, but a career path that lead to inventor and entrepreneur had to have had twists and turns along the way. As a struggling musician, Rich took on odd jobs, which provided him contacts and potential customers. Jobs included built-in cabinets and custom furniture, and eventually led to a full-time career as the owner of a custom-furniture shop.

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