Copied From an Original


Federal-period card tables have unusual characteristics that differ from other types of tables, and this circa 1810 table, with its single folding leaf and one hinged leg (some card tables have two swing legs), is a typical example of those differences. In most instances when only one leg is hinged, it is the rear left leg that moves, as with this table.

Originally, the antique table (circa 1810) was thought to be the work of a Baltimore cabinetmaker, however, the shape, ornamentation and species of woods used in the piece suggest a more northerly origin, perhaps New York/New Jersey. Regardless of the region, it is beautifully proportioned, has appealing inlay bandings, nicely articulated inlaid columns, pleasing veneer work and features some interesting construction details. (Inlay for this table appeared in “From Stacks & Strips to Spectacular” in issue 2.)

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6 thoughts on “Copied From an Original

  1. You used a mortising attachment on your drill press to cut your mortises? OMG!! What will Glen and Chuck think of you? (Oh, yeah, I forget; I use my drill press w/attachment, too. Never mind.)

    1. Mitch,

      We’ll probably think you are both do it wrong. 😉

      But there’s more than one way to skin a cat (no cats were harmed in the composition of this reply). If Rob gnawed his mortises with his teeth, and the work still ended up at the same level of quality I could care less. The ends justifies the means…sometimes…excluding that mortising attachment for the drill press…there’s just no excuse for that kind of behavior.

      1. Chuck,
        My wife is going to get you for that cat skinning comment. Think “Game of Thrones”.

        1. So, she’s a Bolton?

          1. Hey, somebody had to teach Ramsey how to ply his trade.

  2. This is a wonderfully proportioned and nicely embelished Federal table. And as always, excellently executed by Rob Milard.

    That’s one funky front apron joint!


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