Bosch Power Tool’s Jim Stevens


As engaged woodworkers, we often wonder what it takes to bring a woodworking tool to market. What steps the tool goes through before it’s produced or modeled, and where in that process is the tool introduced to woodworkers for feedback. We also wonder who is tasked with bringing those tools to the woodworking public. That guy at Bosch is Jim Stevens, senior product manager for woodworking power tools.

Jim’s responsible for any power tool used for woodworking, excluding drills and any tool that drills into wood. He’s the guy charged with bringing the right tool to market, making sure that tool has the features to meet consumer needs and helping to market that product as long as it’s a part of Bosch’s woodworking line. That’s no small feat, even with the help of a dedicated and talented team.

Jim Stevens has been involved in many of Bosch’s woodworking tools, including routers, such as the MRC23EVSK (the company’s electronic modular router system); handheld planers for quick wood removal; and sanders, including the ROS20VSC random-orbit sander/polisher, which has variable speeds, includes Bosch’s signature hook-and-loop disc and a pad-damping braking system to reduce chances that you’ll discover those dreaded swirl marks when you apply a dye or stain. These are not run-of-the-mill woodworking tools. (Fig. 1)

(Fig. 1) The innovative MRC23EVSK router was one of the woodworking tools that Jim Steven’s worked on, as is the company’s random orbit sander (ROS20VSC) which uses a pad-damping braking system to help eliminate swirl marks.

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