“Amos” Joe DeLuca

DeLuca_Online_OpenerMaking things in wood was always a hobby of mine, but for years, I made my living as an engineering model maker. This was in the days before graphic computers eliminated the need for physical representations of such things. (Yes, I’m that old.)

The company for which I worked created prototypical models for industry, as well as – cover the kids’ ears – models of nuclear power plants. The accident (a kind term) at Three Mile Island brought the business of nuclear-power-plant construction to an abrupt halt, along with the careers of lots of people who had hitched their wagons to that shooting star, including mine.

I managed to land a job in a prestigious restoration shop working with two of the best guys in the business. Fast forward seven years. And in those seven years, I honed my skills (or so I thought). My training, from the model shop – the meanest most demanding men ever – to the guys at the restoration shop was top shelf. Not just learning technical aspects, but the appreciation of details because that’s what separates a so-so reproduction from a great one. I was now ready to head out on my own.

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  1. Awesome. Really looking forward to your articles!

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