Add a Little Class – Part II

Tuesday we hinted at the 360 Woodworking week-long classes – see the clues here. Today, let’s take a look at the two-day and weekend classes offered up in 2016; no guessing his time. And, I’ll share the mystery “outsider” who has agreed to come into our shop to teach.

Finish_WeekendWhile these classes are not arranged by date, you can get that information when we release the entire list on Saturday the 5th of December, along with an incentive for early shoppers – a class would be a fantastic holiday gift, so tell your family to sign you up.

Let’s begin with what many woodworkers say is their least favorite part of building a project, finish. During this weekend workshop, you’ll discover methods and techniques that pull all the best characteristics from your lumber to make your finishes shine. Plus, you’ll take home a number of completed sample boards, each with the steps listed on the back so you can duplicate the finish in your shop. Jump into 16 hours of creativity and knowledge that’s sure to forever pay dividends to your woodworking skills.

VeneerFollowing along with how to punch-up your projects, we’re offering a two-day session covering veneer and inlay, Spend a weekend learning about sand-shaded fans, line-and-berry inlay, hammer veneering, book-match and slip-matched veneer work and tons more. The ability to turn wood scraps and cutoffs into wicked-good woodworking is magical. This class will stoke you to be more creative on the cheap.

And if decorative inlay on your projects doesn’t do it, you can grab a few chisels and gouges and join us for a weekend class on carving. During the two days you’ll learn all the fundamentals, such as sharpening and care for your carving tools. Plus, you’ll dive into a few simple projects, including convex and concave shells and fans. And the great news if you’re just looking into this area of woodworking, is that you need only three carving tools for the entire weekend.

And now for the mystery instructor. Drum roll, please. We have lined up one of the country’s leading wooden plane makers, Matt Bickford for not one, but two two-day classes. In Matt’s first class, which is slated for a Thursday and Friday in November, you’ll actually build a #8 Round with a side escapement. Plus, along with your knowledge, you’ll take home everything you need to build a matching hollow. This set is perfect for woodworkers who want to stick moldings in their own shop.

The second or Mr. Bickford’s sessions is a weekend class that immediately follows the first. Join in on Saturday and Sunday as Matt demonstrates how to make different molding profiles. This is not just a “watch” class. You’ll be handed hollows and rounds to use to make your own moldings, too. (If you attended the plane-building class, you can use the round you just completed. How cool is that?)


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