A Few Pointers on Kitchen Design

Shick_CornerAs summer shifts into fall, most woodworkers are able to find more time in the shop. (And more time to check out 360woodworking.com) And chances are that the “honey-do” list has grown significantly longer. One area that we often hear being discussed is kitchen cabinets. Sure, not all of us are in a position to build a new set of cabinets for our homes. If you, however, have a few design ideas in mind when you meet the salesperson, you’re more apt to keep the total costs in check.

In the latest article from 360 Woodworking, we introduce you to kitchen designer and furnituremaker Kevin Ritter. Kevin has a unique take on kitchen cabinet designs. After hearing a few of his ideas, I was especially interested in his use of “white space.”

What is white space, and why would you want to increase it? It begins with an understanding that wall cabinets in your kitchen do not need to run from wall to wall. While that might not be the way it is in all areas, I can attest to the fact that wall-to-wall wall cabinets are big in my area. As I studied a couple of kitchens built by Kevin’s company, Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry, I began to understand why his kitchens feel so much more open and inviting. I also applaud his lack of restricted storage areas; deep inside inaccessible corners many a bowl are lost.

While learning a few of his design tricks is a tasty morsel, what’s really cool is his story on how he, originally a Pennsylvania guy, ended up living and working is Arrington, Tennessee. You can read about his decision to move, and see some of his designs (both kitchens and furniture) if you’re a member of 360 Woodworking. Login to read the article. If you’re not a member, click here to join.

—Glen D. Huey

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  1. I had never heard of the term “white space” when talking about kitchen cabinets. It seems to be an acceptable idea not to have cabinets running from wall to wall. I think that this method gives a modern look and opens up the room providing more space.

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