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This past week Chuck and I ventured up to Columbus, Ohio to meet up with the team at Woodwerks Supply. (They’ve recently opened up an online woodworking store at ThisIsWoodworking.com, which is powered by Woodwerks Supply.)

StaffWhile we were there, Todd Damon and Erin Pedicini showed us a new line of woodworking machines carried at the store. (The Todd and Erin cartoon images from the contact page at thisiswoodworking.com are shown at the left – I always like to put a face with a name.) The machines are from Casadei, an Italian company that’s now part of SCMI.

I have to say that these machines are great looking, but we did not take the time to use any of them while we were there – too much other business to discuss. And, you can get a ton of information from the thisiswoodworking.com website.

From what I’ve seen, however, prices also look good. The 16″ jointer shown in the opening photo is priced at $6,990. I know that’s a steep price if you’re setting up a home shop, but some folks are looking to purchase a machine that will never need to see an upgrade in the future. And it’s comparable with other available 16″ machines. Besides, Casadei machines are more focused toward manufacturers, both large and small. Plus, these machines come equipped with 3-phase motors, something that businesses deal with regularly.

Now that I’ve drooled all over my keyboard, I want to write about a miter gauge that comes with some of the Casadei machines. (it’s shown below set up on a spindle shaper.) When I saw this sitting there, my first thought was why all table saws don’t come with a gauge of this design. I know that we’re looking at a Mercedes (or should that be Ferrari) and most woodworking machines come with Fiat extras, but I see this miter gauge as being much more useful. Plus, it is easy to operate.


Along with the new design, I was drawn to the adjustable stop fence. In my shop that happens using a scrap and a couple of spring clamps in conjunction with a stick screwed to my regular miter gauge – it’s old school, but that seems to be what we have to work with. When my shop-assembled gauge is off my table saw, it is weighty and cumbersome. This is sleek and compact.

On the ride back from Columbus, I kicked myself for not getting more information. I’ve contacted the folks at Woodwerks Supply to get specifications and pricing. When I do, I’ll get back to you.

— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “A Better Miter Gauge

  1. Add a hand grip and hold down to this miter gauge and you’ll have what Shopsmith has had since at least the early 1980s.

    1. John,

      I agree that Shopsmith has a couple of nice features on its miter gauge, but the Casadei gauge is much beefier all around. The gauge itself, the rods and how the rods attach are all more robust. Plus the handle used to tighten the gauge allows for quick and easy setup. My vote is still for the Casadei gauge.

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