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360Woodworking.com is all about woodworking online. There are online courses, online articles, online techniques and online videos. But it’s going old-school with the latest products dropped into the online store – 14 products in all. To the many woodworkers (members and non-members alike) asking for DVDs of past projects and articles, 360 Woodworking says, “We hear you.”

Many of us enjoy popping a DVD into a player to watch and learn woodworking without having to go online or log in. Some even have DVD players in their shops to make following projects and techniques that much easier. Plus, with a DVD you don’t have to search page after page of content just to find the one article you’re after.

So if you want to go old-school with DVDs, stop by your favorite online woodworking website, hover over the “Store” listing (or click here) and then check out the latest DVD products*. (Most of the listed DVDs have a short video introduction.)

Happy Holidays, and …

Build Something Great!

Glen D. Huey

*For the most part these DVDs are published articles previously provided to members. There are exceptions.

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One thought on “360Woodworking DVDs

  1. Great idea.
    I think I’ll be adding to my collection.
    And, I think the Guild I’m in may be interested too.
    I’ll make sure to tell them.
    Thanks Glen.


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