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The 360 WoodWorking Member Article Index is broken down into five general categories.For months now, we’ve been working on the website to make it easier for woodworkers to explore the vast pool of information on the site. With the launch of the new 360 WoodWorking member article index that goal is one step closer to being achieved.

The index is broken down, across the top of the page, into five tabs. Each represents a way for woodworkers to quickly and easily find any article they want. If you’re interested in Projects, click on the “Projects” tab.  You’ll find a complete listing of all the projects in each issue of 360 WoodWorking. The listing is broken down by project type to make it even easier to find what you want. And if you want an article by a specific author, click the “Author” tab and see every article written by each of our contributors.

The article index takes the place of our “Current Issue” in the navigation bar. Hover over “Members” and click on “Current Issue & Index.” Even if you aren’t a member, you can peruse the index to see what projects, techniques and other great woodworking information is available to our members. And if you click on an article, you can even read the beginning to see what the article’s about. No need to register or login – just click and check it out.

Each of the general categories of the Member Article Index is broken down further to make locating the articles you want quick and easy.As a reminder to our members, you need to be logged in to access the full content of the articles. Click on the “Current Issue” link in the weekly article notice email, you’ll be taken directly to the new index. The front page of the index shows all the articles available in the Current Issue, as well as everything in the Past Issues. This doesn’t mean the “Past Issues” page isn’t going away. It’s still the best place to see the article opener photo and an excerpt from every article.

Whether you’re a member or not, take a look at the new index, and shoot me an email with your thoughts and any requests for ways it can be improved – just click on my name below.

— Chuck Bender


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2 thoughts on “360 WoodWorking Member Article Index – That’s Easy

  1. One of the easiest web sites to navigate. Good job Chuck.

    1. Thanks Eric. Just trying to make it even easier for you to find what you want, when you want it. If there’s something missing or anything unexpected happens, please let me know. And if you, or anyone else, has ideas that would make it even better, I welcome those too.

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