Would You Lease Equipment? – 360w360 E.184

machine-room-1In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, the 360 guys discuss a question posed by a subscriber.

Join the guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck & Glen, and sometimes a surprise guest, all have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun.

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4 thoughts on “Would You Lease Equipment? – 360w360 E.184

  1. $145 a month? Cheaper than golf.

    WOOD Magazine has been running a series on outfitting a shop for $150 a paycheck.

  2. Very interesting topic.
    Especially now that CNC seems to be here to stay.

  3. When I began woodworking, I was hoping I would enjoy it; further, I didn’t know what I needed or how big. Leasing would have let me back out of a situation if I determined that it really wasn’t that much fun. Or if I decided that what I really liked was eg turning, I could have gotten a good lathe and turned back all that stuff I really didn’t need.

    And if I had to move across the country for some reason, perhaps I could return my stuff and cut my moving cost.

    1. All good points, Mike. I’ll bet that there would be some extra expenses included as you turned back the machines, but overall it would be less expensive in the long run, especially with a cross-country move.

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