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CombinationClassesThere is no better way to improve your woodworking skills than to get into the shop and get busy. Plus, the best way to learn about the nuts and bolts of woodworking is to learn from someone who has walked the same path you’re walking. And one of the most enjoyable times you can have is with others who enjoy woodworking as much as you.

In 2015, 360WoodWorking is offering workshops – four at this time with more to be announced in the upcoming months – designed to develop fine craftsmanship in furniture making for the beginner and experienced woodworker. With a highly experienced furniture maker to lead each class and a maximum of only 9 students per class, each participant has ample one-on-one time with the instructors in a relaxed atmosphere. Our projects are skill driven classes to further develop your woodworking abilities, as well as introduce new techniques for furniture construction while using time-honored, traditional methods.

Classes already scheduled are:


“Build a Pennsylvania Spice Box” in which you’ll learn to incorporate secret compartments, make ogee bracket feet, better match figured woods for the best look and reduce seemingly complex projects into smaller, more easily accomplished steps. Course dates are April 27 – May 1.



In “Build a Boston Block-front Chest,” you’ll learn about the unique case construction techniques found on Boston area block-front furniture, including half-dovetail joinery and beaded drawer surrounds, and how to shape the rounded designs on drawer blades and drawer fronts. Course dates are June 15 – 19.



If you favor a contemporary design, then you have to be part of our “Make a Wharton Esherick Music Stand” class. During this workshop, you’ll build the single most-often associated design produced by Wharton Esherick. Being a sculptural project, you’ll learn how to shape parts by hand, blend curves into straights and produce and incorporate complex mortise-and-tenon joinery. Course dates are October 12 – 16.


KY_SugarChest“Build a Kentucky Sugar Chest” is an opportunity to construct one of the most iconic pieces to come from the South. This workshop covers woodworking techniques that can be easily adapted to future projects. Learn dovetail case construction with both hand-cut and power assisted pins and tails, breadboard ends and discover the secrets to string inlay and sand-shaded corner fans. Course dates are November 9 – 13.

For additional information, or to register for one or more of the classes (held in our shop in West Chester, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati) stop by our store listings at, or click here. Be part of this exclusive woodworking learning experience.

— The team @ 360 WoodWorking


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