Woodworking At Your Pace

There is a group of people who enjoy going to hands-on woodworking classes. They enjoy the travel, the camaraderie of other folks who woodwork and time away from work and home. They enjoy the competition to see who leads the class and who does the best work.

There is another group of people who dislike participating in hands-on classes. They don’t like the competition or the stress of being judged by others in the class. They realize they need to build additional skills, and desire to become better woodworkers. They also understand that complex projects are seldom built in a week, and they’re not happy leaving class with a stack of boards and a pile of sticks.

If you’re part of that second group, 360Woodworking has something for you that you’re going to love. You won’t have to worry about pushy instructors upping your stress level, or burning vacation days to attend a class. You won’t even have to hassle with hours of driving or plane flights or lugging around a pick-up truck full of lumber and tools.

360Woodworking.com is building a platform for folks who want to enjoy woodworking and build their skills – a way for woodworkers to learn it at their own pace, in the comfort of their own shop using their tools and machines. It’s more relaxing and enjoyable – just as woodworking was meant to be.

How can you have all that and still learn woodworking skills? Simple. Use 360Woodworking’s Online Courses. Enjoy woodworking again right in the comfort of your own shop, and learn faster than you ever thought possible. Learn from guys who have been turning out great projects for decades, not years. Learn techniques that will turn you into a competent, successful woodworker.

Click here to discover Inlaid Tea Caddy, 360Woodworking’s latest Online Course, which is set for release Friday (8/11/2017). And go here to learn about the Build a Chippendale Small Chest online course, which is currently available.

These courses, along with a few others found on the “Online Course” page, are free to members. Click here to become a 360Woodworking member.

Not interested in becoming an annual member to 360Woodworking.com even though you have free access to all online courses and more than 125 additional woodworking articles? No worries. Membership is not required. But there is a small fee.

—Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “Woodworking At Your Pace

  1. Truth is, 360 Woodworking is one of the best values out there.
    I enjoy every aspect of this site.
    I’ve learned quite a bit from you and have benefited from some of the tips & tricks I’ve picked up.
    The yearly membership and online class courses are very reasonable for what you get.
    I am an experienced woodworker and still find things that I didn’t know.
    Thanks Glen for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Hello Glen,

    I’m going through your latest offering and I’m excited about the up coming projects, especially after the hint of reeded legs. Your package for the project seems very thorough, and will be very useful when it is time to start the build. Thanks so much and all the best for you and 360 Woodworking!


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