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img_0529Last week we posted an article from Ron Herman on hammers. I grew up in the construction industry using hammers almost daily, but during our conversation Ron taught me a few things. I thought it would be fun to pose a couple of questions to you to see if you’d make the right call. Here we go.

In the photo you see two different hammers. If you were working on a roof that’s taller than an 8/12 pitch, which hammer would you choose?

Roof Pitch?

If roof-talk is new to you, the slope of a roof, at least what I’m familiar with here in the Midwest, is described in pitches. No, not a knuckle ball or a curve ball. It’s the relationship of rise to run. If a roof is an 8/12 pitch then the roof rises in height by 8″ with every foot (12″) of run. If your home is 26 feet wide and it has an 8/12 pitch, at its apex your roof would be 8′-8″ tall (half the overall width, or 13 x 8″). Using the same measurements for a roof with a 6/12 pitch, the height would be 6′-6″.

In other words, the higher the pitch the steeper the roof. While I’ve moved away from the question a skosh, it is important to understand roof pitches to provide your answer.

Which hammer would you choose and why?

– Glen D. Huey

If you would like to read my answer, click here.

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