What’s In This Stuff?

IMG_0650While you’re out on the road traveling with The Woodworking Shows, you have to be resourceful. We picked up a new saw blade from the guys at Infinity Cutting Tools – it’s a cool, shiny 50-tooth combination blade (item #010-050). We keep a combination blade on our table saw most of the time – don’t need a crosscut 80-tooth cutter, and unless I’m ripping a stack of 8/4 material, I seldom toss on a rip blade.

Out of the box the Infinity blade has on it a small amount of rust-preventative goo. In the shop, I would grab a rag and paint thinner to clean it up. On the road there aren’t many show booths with thinner for sale, so I needed another solution.

I remembered that at times while at home we clean the white boards using thinner. Why not try using white-board cleaner to take off the anti-rust gunk? Well. Well. It worked great.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have thinner close at hand, try your white-board cleaner. But I wouldn’t make a habit of it – a gallon of thinner is around $18.  An 8oz. bottle of cleaner is about $2.50.  Using white-board cleaner would get expensive. You do the math.

BTW: the cut of the Infinity blade is stellar. Take a look at the end-grain surface left on poplar. Sweet.


— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “What’s In This Stuff?

  1. A good 50 tooth combo blade stays on my saw.
    I have a high tooth count blade on my miter saw.

    I’ll have to remember that white board cleaner idea in a pinch.

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